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are you embarking on the quest to grow a luscious beard this year?

then join our bearded brotherhood and become part of the bv insider yeard challenge!

only brand viking insiders™

have exclusive access to this year’s yeard challenge!
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How To Participate

Sign up to the Brand Viking Insiders (if you haven’t already)


Join the BV Insider Facebook Group


Introduce yourself and comment on the main Facebook thread

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*Details on how to participate will be provided in the FB group

4x more prizes


4x more opportunities

This year, we will have Yeard competition winners ALL YEAR long (every quarter). That means it will be 4x better and you have 4x the chances to win!

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Compete in multiple categories

social media champ

tbs trip

most well groomed

TBS Trip

people’s champion

$1000 credit

Musketeer beard

$1000 TBS credit

Full Beard Natural

$1000 CASH

Partial Beard Freestyle

3 month beard supply


3 month beard supply


3 month beard supply

Alaskan Whaler

3 month beard supply

Disclaimer: If there are not enough competitors to fill categories competitors will be move into the top 3 categories.


cash prizes
trips & experiences
bragging rights
trophies & awards
free products
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access to private
fb group & discord

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    Meet comrades and fellow beardsmen

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    Win exclusive prizes

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    Earn shoutouts and features

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