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if you’re still struggling to grow the thick, rich, manly beard you eagerly want to have – if you’ve tried everything on the market and you’re still back at square one…

…you should give one more product a try.

And I’m so confident it’s THE product you NEED, I’m going to let you order it on a TOTALLY RISK-FREE BASIS…

If you try it and you’re not satisfied for ANY reason,
send it back (even the empty bottle)
and we’ll refund every penny you paid!

We’ll even pay for your shipping for return costs.

We don’t want you to hesitate for one moment to at least TRY this product.

Here’s what makes it exceptional…

First of all, it’s 100% organic. It’s made in very small batches, literally one bottle at a time.

The essential oils we use are not only RARE, but very delicate and hard to handle. Some would call them “finicky” like a cat.

Therefore, this means that it takes a long time – and a lot of painstaking, repetitive work to make a batch of our Tonic & Balm.

The results, however, are definitely worth it. Like waiting for your girl when she’s taking a little longer to get ready for a big night on the town.

And speaking of ladies, your woman (or women, you dog) will lovingly notice the difference in your beard!

They’ll be running their fingers through your hair… smiling… and wondering what got into you!

Only you need know – you ordered our Tonic & Balm and gave it an honest try.

And it paid off…!

The oils and herbs in our balm leave your hair softer, fuller, with a healthy shine and skin-protection underneath. No more itching. No scratching.

And no more trying to “hide” your bald spots!

They’ll start to FILL IN because of the growth-inducing properties of our secret hair-boosting formula.

What’s more, we use a special fragrance that makes your beard smell GREAT!

The ladies will love your hair – and so will you!

(Ladies, if you’re reading this and need something to help your man’s beard growth, ORDER NOW and insist that some famous ballplayer recommended it on a woman’s talk show, and he even cried because his new beard growth product made him so happy. Men won’t argue with that.)

Go ahead. Give your beard what it NEEDS.

Click here to order our Ultimate Kit TODAY!

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