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Beards come in a wide variety of different shapes, styles and sizes. Whilst some 'beardos' choose to switch up their beard style every now and then others (like myself!) opt in for rocking with their desired facial hair choice that works best for them. Whilst beards do often alter every now and then as the changing ''trends'' tend to do (I honestly hate labelling magnificent beards a nothing more than ''trend'') the core value of a relationship between a man and his beard often remains the same. So, today I wanted to take a look at the most popular beards you're likely to see out there in the wild, from a touch of stubble to a glorious full beard-mane...


Now, I'm not one for throwing needless insults around, even more so when it comes to beards in particular. But let's be clear here, If you are rocking out a little bit of stubble, you are not rocking a beard. Beards take much more time and dedication from their wearers in order to become a work of facial hair sculpture. You don't have to go looking very far in order to spy a man who has the ''stubble shadow'' look. Rather than grant a man's stubble a beard, I like to suggest it as the first step on a very long bridge to growing out your very own facial forest. The road ahead might be long, but it's a path that is well worth walking.


A full beard can come in a wide variation of different shapes, lengths and sizes. The simplest description of a full beard is when a man decides to completely fill out his face with facial hair, from his moustache right down to his neck line. The full beard is the common name term used for much longer beards such as Garibaldi beard and the Bandholz. (Weal discuss those a little later!) I view the full beard somewhere in between long stubble to the full works, which when done right, makes for a truly glorious spectacle upon a gentleman's face.


The goatee beard still remains as popular as it ever has been, although it now grows in various lengths and styles. The stereotypical 'goatee' covers a man's bottom lip and chin line, although often connected they don't have to be to become labeled so. The goatee has been sported by Star Treks Mr. Spock, and most recently grew upon the face of the Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. Super Hero approved.


The verdi beard is a style I admire greatly, the reason for this being is that not everyone can maintain such a facial forest style. The Verdi consists of a full beard with a much more maintained moustache of which the beard wearer often twists the tash' points into a very eye catching curled style finish. Whilst many of us bearded fellows will mess around shaping our beards into all sorts of fun yet silly shapes and styles during shower time, it's a much tougher task at hand when trying to train your moustache to firstly, make the desired shape, then secondly its proves even tougher to have it hold that way. A good helping of moustache wax will certainly prove beneficial to capture this styling trick, but even still I can only imagine it's a slippery fish to continuously upkeep.


The bandholz beard has become one of the most chosen beards for gentlemen who are truly dedicated on growing out the biggest beard that they can possibly achieve. I, myself have focused my beard growing goals on this style, and after a couple of solid growing years beneath my belt I can say I think I've done a great job, being so far so good. This style consists of allowing your full beard the time and space to metamorph into a full, almost wild like beard with a much fuller mustache in comparison to other facial hair styles. Although often it's labeled the ''lazy man's beard'' due to the misguided views that we simply allow our beards to grow out in any which way it decides to grow, with little to no maintenance and TLC. When as a matter of fact I probably spend more time grooming, caring and keeping my grooming routine in shape then I have ever done previously. Whilst this is the biggest beard style you can work towards it does take plenty of time and dedication in order to not allow your beard to go full rogue. And when grown and cared for correctly, the Bandholz makes for a very respectful beard style as I'm sure you'd all agree.

So, there's another beard blog completed for today Brothers. Many thanks to Jonathan Brown who suggested today's beard blog topic. As always we would love to read any thoughts, comments or questions that you might have, so please take a moment to do so in the comments section you'll find provided below.

And until next time, Beard on Brothers, Beard on...

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